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Food for thought

Posted by marriedflirt on 2007.04.06 at 22:14
"Solitude is the sense of space as nourishing. What usually happens with solitude is that people equate it with loneliness, which frightens them. But I don't know anyone who has a good friendship or love relationship in which there are not long periods of solitude. There is a way in which we treat our relationships almost like a colonial expedition: we want to colonize the space, all the territory in between, until there is no wilderness left. Most couples who have deadend in each other's presence have colonized their space this way. They have domesticated each other beyond recognition...I think it is more interesting to be with somebody who still has his wilderness territory--and by that I don't mean bleak, burned-out, damaged areas where wounding has occurred; rather, I mean genuine wilderness." 

--John O'Donohue 

Hmmm. I think a lot of my wilderness area has been colonized. Not all of it. Maybe only half. But in another 10 years, who knows? 

Time to start planting some trees...

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