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Welcome to Married and Flirting!

Posted by marriedflirt on 2006.05.23 at 22:42

I created this community because I believe it is a good thing to continue to flirt after you are married. I believe it keeps you feeling alive and sexually attractive--this can only be a good thing for your partner!

However, I have found that a lot of folks (especially single folks!) do not understand this way of looking at flirting after marriage. I think this is because single people have idealized and romanticized versions of what their eventual marriage will be like (still having sex 3x a day on the kitchen counter after 25 years!).

Thus I often find I have no one who is nonjudgmental to discuss my flirting escapades with. That's what this community is for. It is also for talking about your thoughts regarding flirting after marriage and a place to confess when things go a little too far.

There is no judgment in this community.

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