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Can high maintenance be a turn on?

Posted by marriedflirt on 2006.05.23 at 23:05
So this morning I was getting breakfast in a cafe when I saw this absolutely stunning looking guy. My first impulse was to see if I could catch his eye, but I immediately stopped myself. First of all, he looked like the kind of guy who is into granola types. He had long golden brown hair in a pony tail and was dressed sort of outdoorsy. Since I was going to work I was all done up in full make-up, business attire, heels, and my hair was pulled back in a severe "professional" updo. In short, I felt that everything about me screamed "high maintenance". Definitely not this guys type, right? So why bother?

I sat at a table and ate breakfast and typed on my laptop for a while. Then when I was done I packed up and headed to the bathroom. And there was the guy sitting at another table and he totally just smiled REALLY BIG at me. I was taken aback. I don't remember if I smiled back or not. When I came out he was gone.

So I headed to my car and he was getting into his truck which just happened to be parked right across from me. Once again, he just totally GRINS at me, like "HI!" This time I did smile back, shook my head a little, and we both drove off.

That's it.

Here's the thing that it got me thinking about through. I am way into these outdoorsy type of dudes and I have always assumed that the only type of gal they'd ever be into is a hippie chick. And whatever, I can do hippie chick. If I wanted to pursue this guy my next move may have been something like showing up again at the cafe totally granola-ed out and see if I could get his attention that way. It never occurred to me that maybe, just maybe, a guy like that might harbor some secret fantasies about a Sex in the City type power career chick. Maybe he thinks that's fierce or something.

Suddenly I'm thinking of going back looking even MORE high maintenance. Maybe I'll talk on my cell and bang my Palm around a bit. I don't know. This is like a totally new and freeing concept for me, because, let's face it, I have to look a certain way for work, and though I can camp out and hike with the best of them, 5 days a week from 8-6 I am looking pretty professional. Up til now I've always turned off my "come hither" vibe figureing these laid back types would turn up their noses. But now that I think about it, granola gals are a dime a dozen in this town. Maybe these guys are pining for a girl with long painted nails and an $80 haircut. That's what I'm gonna start telling myself anyway from now on. I'll let you know how it goes.

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