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The plays the thing

Posted by marriedflirt on 2006.05.26 at 09:44
Being in a play is the best for flirting.

In fact, being in a play was instrumental to the initial development of my "flirting outside of marriage is a good thing" philosophy.

At the time, I had been married for about 3 years and although I was happy and content I noticed that I had slacked off quite a bit on my appearance. I will admit, for a while this felt very freeing--it was nice to not have to make an effort to look good 24-7, but now I know their should be a balance.

Then I got cast in this play. The first day I immediately developed a crush on one of the other actors. Suddenly I found myself caring about how looked again. But more than that I felt alive, energized, and excited about my day. I began my flirting campaign and soon I had him crushing back, in spite of the fact that I was married and he had a girlfriend. Every scene we performed on stage crackled with sexual energy and the audience loved us.

So what happened with him, you ask?

Well, nothing. The show finally ended and we went on our merry ways. This is the best part of flirting in a play situation--there is a built in expiration date, so things don't get out of hand.

Not all plays provide suitable candidates for flirting, but I did manage another campaign 2 years later. This time it was even more fun than the first. I was older, wiser and had more of a handle on what I was trying to ultimately achieve--nothing--so there was zero guilt. This time I was also emotionally detached enough to notice certain things, such as, I could never EVER actually be in a real relationship with this person, but for a brief, energizing, flirting encounter he was perfect.

Once again, the play ended and the flirtation was over due to lack of input. A year later I was in another play with him that my husband also was involved in--so now we are all great friends!

Speaking of that particular show, surprisingly, up til then, I had never been in a play where I had to kiss someone more than a peck. This one involved MAJOR macking and my co-star was a married friend of mine who also happened to be very attractive. In that situation, I did not out and out flirt as I was good friends with him, his wife and of course my husband was hanging around as well. But I will say that I fully enjoyed the opportunity to kiss a brand new man. My ultimate goal was to see if I could make him lose control enough to slip me some toungue. Never happened, but ahh, those were fun times.

Do you see now why being in a play is the BEST THING EVER for a married gal? In what other situation do you think you can kiss someone who is not your husband and instead of "cheating" it's called "art"?

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